Tell me about a time you failed to reach expectations. What happened? (Bad & Good Answers)

Well, It was a time when i felt wear a bunch or claws... It was really a rough one for me... bunch of things happen, just one thing i thought from another. My dog passed away and... my boyfriend broke up with me for another same time and... same period my parents got a divorce, my sister got really hard, really hard that i didn't having like major break down over it. And I'm trying to be supportive of her and i tried to be supportive as much as i could to my parents. Tried to work the relationship staff and mourning my dog and it was just like.. it was just really hard to deal those... so one of those like... just like completely over whelming period of my life and so.. so yeah i lost track of a couple of deadlines because of what happened.. and... you know life happens sometimes just terrible, terrible month. /// The one example that comes to mine... happens during my first job out of college when i failed to met the deadline on a draft of an article that i was working on. I was a matter of not mention my time effectively i was working on another simultaneous project that i prioritize. I have to say that i way to that experience to heart and I'm much more deliver since then in high management time so even though I'm not glad that it happen and I'm grateful for the learning experience.

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