Now that you’re ready to work again, do you think your time away will hurt your ability to perform? (Bad & Good Answers)

No. I would tell you that I was so burn out on the corporate world I just didnt i couldnt wait to leave .. i was really want to start having kids and my husband was making enough money at the time that I didnt have to work so I got ten years off to be with those guys. … Now course the divorce is come along I am I guess you can say I am gonna force to go back to work so. No i dont look that way at all I am knew that I was gonna take that time off, I also knew I was gonna come back to work and I was really looking forward to that. So I took advantage of the time that I had home with my kids of course I was very busy but I learned to new computer skills I learned in fact some programs that are relevant to this position. I volunteer at local non profit and ended up doing a lot of their office work which is something that i didnt know that I was gonna like as much i did but i did. So I dont feel I’ve been away or off, I feel like I’ve been sort of honing my skills and really looking forward to coming back to full time work.

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