What do you dislike the most about being a barista? (Bad & Good Answers)

Well, there’s a couple of things that I don’t really like. I think the number one would be the scheduling. I mean, she doesn’t think I need sleep. So she schedule in the morning and she’ll schedule me in the night and in the next a morning. Kind of ridiculous sometimes. Well, I try not to get bugged down by the little things and you know obviously every job has pluses and minuses so picking up a broken glass is not really my favorite thing to do but it’s important and I’ll do it and I know it that the next task could be interacting with a regular, getting his drink beofre he even says it. That is just sort of one of the perks and as long as the pluses are more than the minuses at the end of the day, then you get a pretty good job.

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