Tell me about a time you had to discipline or fire an employee you liked. How did you handle it? (Bad Answer)

Yeah.. .I tell you, everybody I’ve worked with has just been so fantastic.. . There was this one really sad time, I worked with this woman, she’s about the sweetest woman I’ve ever met in my entire life.. . She was just really great and yes she did not always show up right on time and she didn’t like.. .necessarily finish her work, you know she puts some other things first infront of that but she was a great person. So my boss came to me and said.. .that I was gonna have to fire her she really wasn’t holding her end of things and I was gonna have to fire her and so I took her aside and I said look, this is not about you and me. I think you’re wonderful and I hope we’ll always be friends but I’ve been put in this position and I’ve been told that I’m gonna have to fire you and I’m just really sorry about that.

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