Tell me about a time you were asked to coordinate a meeting. How did you handle it? (Bad & Good Answers)

... I coordinated meetings ... so like coordinating meetings for our boss I'd send out an email to everybody telling them to come and then ... check calendar and make sure that the conference room wasn't reserved that day. Well coordinating meetings is all about ... your attention to details, your ability to organize, your ability to coordinate coming from lots of different directions so i was frequently asked to do this and the step, my first steps was to make sure that everybody was able to meet at the at the same time ... I got those email, those phone calls and i got that information back and then i start to plan out what the meeting actually has to look like in detail like what whats gonna be required in the room. Do we need food? Do we need drinks? Do we need ... a white board? Do we need a projector? Do we need markers? Those are the things that really make a meeting look organized and tidy. ... I always keep a master checklist like a project project management checklist to make sure I didn't forget anything.

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