Tell me about a time when you had to change your schedule unexpectedly. (Bad & Good Answers)

Oh, I'll never forget it.. . My niece was turning one I had made plans to go home for her first birthday party and my boss told me that I had to go to New York at the last minute. I already had my tickets booked. Everything was ready for me to go to.. .go to my niece's and.. .you know it's my little sister's baby and she's only gonna turn one once and I end up in New York with a client who we didn't even end up getting.. . You know, you just don't get times like that back. Well, that certainly happens a lot in sales and marketing.. .but I pride myself on being really flexible.. . I had to frequently had to leave town for meetings you know with very little notice and that is not always convenient but.. .it only makes it worse to complain about it. It only drains from the energy that I can give the job. So.. .I knew that that was part of the job I was doing and I love to travel regardless of when it comes up so I was happy to do it.

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