Tell me about a time you brought up an issue to management. How did you handle it? (Bad & Good Answers)

An issue with management...I was working at the bookstore and some customers came in they suggested you may putting in like erasers and pencils and then Ichecked online, and I did'nt really think too much of it, I have to loose a couple of things but I did'nt so couple of weeks later more students started to bring it up and we had a meeting the next day so i decided wanna bring it up...I manager said to set it up, I did that and that's that. I worked at the college bookstore and at the beggining of it's semester we get really, really busy all the incoming freshmen have come in to buy in their laptops, and you know I suggest it to my boss that we make a more of an express line for the people who are purchasing stuff maybe under $50 and we got into order, got it working out and my boss really liked it and the students liked it and it sounds it is working really well.

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