Can you give me an example where you had to bend a company policy to get your work done more efficiently? (Bad & Good Answers)

Yeah, as a matter of fact I used to work for this one of the companies that they have policy you can't accept any gifts from any of your clients or customers or vendors. ... but I worked there for a really long time and I had a great relationship with this one vendor and one year the sent me a 50 dollar gift card at Christmas time and I knew that if I send it back it would just seem really rude and if i kept it, it was not gonna hurt anything. It was just 50 dollars so I kept it. Yes, as a matter of fact, I worked for a company maybe you're familiar with policies like this where we had to ask the finance department for their promotion before we hire the vendor. But we were on a super tight deadline to get a conference planned and I went ahead and gave permission for our coordinators to get the vendors without going to finance first. ... I understand why the policies in place, it makes good sense, its a good policy. I don't think it should go away but ... that time we needed to make progress and we had very tight deadline. So that's what I did.

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