How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

Tricky interview questions have become a staple of modern interviews. They allow interviewers to see how candidates respond to stress, and they can reveal a bit about how the candidate thinks. However, many candidates will find that their odds of landing a job increases if they are able to ace these questions. Here are a few guidelines on how to answer tricky interview questions.

Take Your Time

One of the most common interview mistakes is feeling pressure to begin speaking as quickly as possible. While long, awkward pauses must be avoided, there is no need to begin speaking right away. Feel free to say “let me think about that for a moment” before beginning, and take some time to outline what you’re going to say beforehand. Doing so allows you to relax a bit and structure your response in an effective manner.

Know the Common Tricky Interview Questions

Those who have interviewed for multiple jobs have undoubtedly noticed that the same questions seem to pop up again and again. “Tell me a bit about yourself” has become nearly ubiquitous, and those who have an answer rehearsed and ready to go will be prepared to give a great answer. Make a note of questions you’ve heard in the past, and prepare answers for them for future interviews.

Research Beforehand 

Some tricky interview questions are designed to reveal facts about yourself you might not otherwise reveal during interviews. For example, and interviewer who ask where you see yourself in five years may be seeking to find out if you plan to stick around or if you’ll leave when an opportunity arises. Always research companies before you sit down for an interview; if they value employees who stay for long periods of time, adjust your response accordingly.

Acknowledge the Question’s Difficulty

If you think some tricky interview questions are especially challenging, don’t be afraid to say so. Interviewers appreciate honesty, and they know that their questions are tailored to make even the most rugged interviewee feel a bit of pressure. This also buys you a bit of time, and it may allow you to think out loud a bit before getting to your concrete answer. 

Know Your Weaknesses

Some of the most common tricky interview questions are just variations of one question: What are your weaknesses? Questions of this sort can be expected to pop up in all interviews, so it pays to prepare. There are a number of techniques to consider; some focus on turning their weakness into a positive while others use a weakness that will benefit the company. Regardless of which tactic you choose, prepare for these tricky interview questions beforehand and don’t let an interviewer catch you unprepared.

Interviews are a major source of stress for many, and performing several interviews can challenging. However, there are tools and techniques available to help you prepare as well as possible, and those who take advantage of them stand to land better jobs. By preparing to answer tricky interview questions and using powerful tools to create astandout resume, you can position yourself to land the job of your dreams.

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