Career Hopefuls Need to be Prepared for Interviews

Preparation is crucial if candidates wish to perform well at job interviews.

This is the opinion of executive recruitment director Anne Watson, who told UK newspaper the Independent that careful planning is the key to success.

The most important point for any interview is to be prepared in every sense, she remarked.

Act as if this is the only job you have applied for and the only job that you want.

Being on time is very important, as is dressing smartly. Body language also plays a major part, with firm handshakes, eye contact and smiles often appealing to interviewers, Ms Watson added.

Her comments are similar to those found in the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, which puts preparation at the top of its list of interview tips.

Practicing an interview beforehand with friends or family members can be one way that candidates can make sure they are adequately prepared, it suggests.

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