5 Common Transportation Interview Questions

5 Common Transportation Interview Questions

In our busy, fast-paced world, transportation is more important than ever. Whether it’s work, school, airports, businesses, medical facilities or shopping centers, people need reliable transportation in every aspect of their lives–and transportation professionals have a major role to play. To land a job in the transportation industry, you’ll need experience, proper licensing, and an impeccable safety record. You’ll also need a greatresumeand exceptional interview skills. Here are some of the most common interview questions you might encounter while getting your transportation career moving.

Compliance With Safety Regulations 

Interview Question #1

Are you familiar with the safety regulations for this mode of transportation?

Before you are hired for a company, an employer wants to be assured that you are willing to comply with all safety precautions. If you are transitioning to a similar, but different mode of transportation than the one you were trained in, take the time to educate yourself. Be as familiar as you can about the safety rules. Knowing the specific safety needs of the vehicle you plan to operate is of the utmost importance.

Proper Credentials are Mandatory

Interview Question #2

Do you currently hold the proper endorsements and licenses?

As the operator of any mode of travel, a list of credentials is necessary. Be prepared to discuss the types of transportation vehicles you have operated. Have your credentials with you, as you may be asked by the interviewer to present them. Also be sure that they are current and authentic. If this question is not asked during the interview, your credentials will still need to be verified before being hired.


Interview Question #3

Do you have any violations as a commercial or personal operator or violations in the last 5 years?


Employers need to be assured of your pristine operating record so that they know you have the ability to safely transport your passengers. Honesty is the best policy when answering this question, because the employer will surely check with the proper authorities to verify your record. It may not always mean that you are dismissed as a candidate for hiring if something is found. It does depend on the circumstances and number of occurrences. This is a very common transportation interview question.

Trust is Critical

 Interview Question #4

Can your previous employer be contacted to confirm your accurate handling of financial transactions?
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