5 Common Education Interview Questions

5 Common Education Interview Questions

When you are looking for a job in the education field, it is important to prepare for interviews. Knowing some of the education interview questions that may come up beforehand will really help you be ahead of the rest of the candidates. 

How Do You Manage Discipline in the Classroom?

Administrators want to know that you already have planned how you are going to manage discipline in your classroom. Expect to answer an education interview question about this. One way to approach discipline or classroom management is to be proactive instead of reactive. Describe your procedures and how you are going to use positive reinforcement with your students. Tell what your rules are, how you have them posted and how you have gone over them with your students. Do not forget to mention that you follow the school rules as well. You should also involve parents as much as needed, so explain how you plan to contact them regularly. 

How Will You Teach for Standardized Tests?

Testing is a large part of today’s curriculum no matter the grade level. Make sure you know what kinds of standardized tests are necessary for your age group and content area. Explain how you know the format of the tests so you can best teach your students the relevant content and skills for those tests.

Are You Familiar With State and National Standards?

Each grade level and subject area has a set of state standards to follow. Some schools also follow national standards. Before you are asked an education interview question about how you adhere to these standards, research what this particular school uses. Be familiar with all the different areas covered in your specialty. Explain how you plan to assess the mastery of these standards in your classroom.

What is Your Teaching Style for Different Learners?

Another common education interview question involves varying your teaching styles and methods for different learners in your class, whether your students have Individual Education Programs (IEP), dissimilar socioeconomic backgrounds or various learning styles. Your goal is to have all students be successful in your class, so you need to know how to read and implement an IEP, be aware of motivation levels of your students and study the different kinds of learning styles. Explain how you accommodate all of these students.

What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Because the interviewer wants to know what you can bring to that school, they will almost always ask you what your strengths and weaknesses are as part of the education interview questioning. Lists strengths that directly pertain to this position in education. When describing your weaknesses, you must be careful not to make yourself sound bad. If your weakness is an area that you actually need for this position, explain how you plan to overcome this weakness so you can be successful at that school. You could also mention something that you were once weak at but have overcome already.
Make sure your cover letter and resume are complete by using either LiveCareer’sResume BuilderorCover Letter Builder. With a winning cover letter and resume, you are sure to get an interview and be able to answer each of these education interview questions honestly and fully so you ultimately do get hired.



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