5 Common Administrative Interview Questions

5 Common Administrative Interview Questions

When working in an office in an administrative position, you will be expected to have a variety of talents that your employer will require from you on a daily basis. Many of these expectations will be discussed during the interview process, where you will be asked how you would deal with certain situations. Here are five common administrative interview questions that can help you get ready to impress your future employer.

Tell Me About Yourself…

This question is often dreaded during the interview process because it seems so open ended that you could really take it anywhere. After all, it can be difficult trying to figure out how personal you should be with the interviewer, or if they are just looking for professional answers. The best way to answer these type of administrative interview questions is to mix a bit of both. First, take the time to introduce yourself and your educational credentials. Then, talk about your professional goals and experience. And be sure to explain why you’ve applied for this job, and what your goals are for this role and this company.

What Are Your Strengths?

When you get asked what your strengths are during the administrative interview process, your quick go-to answer may be to talk about your ability to manage documents, answer phones and maintain a clean workplace in a high paced environment. Instead, consider taking this time to talk about strengths that you have as an individual, and how those will help you inside the office. For example, if you are great at time management in your personal life, this likely means you’ll be less stressed once your inside the office, which hopefully means you’ll be a more focused and driven employee.

What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Add this to the list of questions you hate, but you know are coming. The great news is that if you know it’s coming, then you can learn how to word it correctly in order to make for a response that will impress your interviewer. When answering what your weaknesses are, you either way to do so by immediately turning it into a strong point, or the alternative option is to show how you can resolve that weakness. Often times a good way to do this is to tell your interviewer of a time when you can across a problem in the workplace, and how you were able to fix it in a professional and timely manner.

What Have You Learned From Your Mistakes?

Sure, it’s great if you can demonstrate that you’ve learned from mistakes. But if you go overboard, you may expose too much in terms of why those mistakes happened to begin with. The best way to answer this question is by leaving out how the mistake happened, especially if it’s your fault, but rather go into detail as to how you solved it and how it will help you from making the same mistake in the future. You can also pave the way for this question by saying that you don’t make the same mistake twice when the interviewer asks you about your greatest strengths.

How Do You Look Obtain Your Goals?

Your potential employer wants to see that you are interested in making their business better for everyone involved. Go into your interview with some sort of idea of extra certifications or classes you can take to become a better member of the team with your administrative duties.

This set of administrative interview questions will likely be thrown at you at every job you sit down at. And now you know, you can better prepare your answers to amaze your interviewers and land that job. Want some more interview advice? LiveCareer’sInterview Tips and Advicepage is a great resource that can help you ace more interviews, and get hired sooner! 


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