Your All-In-One Job Interview Checklist

Your All-In-One Job Interview Checklist

Successful interviewing can make the difference between getting hired and losing out on an opportunity. So it’s critical that you’re as prepared as possible for your interview. While preparing properly can seem challenging for it can seem challenging, there is a simple checklist that you should follow, which has everything on it that you will need to ensure that you are impressive and successful during the interview 

1. Dress for Success

Make sure that the clothes you wear are clean, ironed, and are in good overall condition. While most jobs have recently gone to business casual attire, it is also important that you continue to dress professionally. Men and women should plan on wearing a business suit, which will make them appear more professional and serious about the job.

2. Bring an Extra Resume

While you may have already submitted a resume online for a job, you should always bring a few copies of it with you. The resumes that you should bring should be printed out on nice resume paper. You should also bring a copy of references, if the employer has asked for them. Also, when preparing for the interview, you should be prepared to discuss all of your work and education experience. 

3. Be Ready with Questions

It would be a good idea to have the questions you want to ask memorized, as opposed to writing them down. It would be a good idea to have at least ten questions about the job and company ready. This will show that you are interested in the job. However, it is important that you do not ask questions that were already addressed during the interview.

4. Do Your Homework

An interviewer will want to see that you are educated about the company that you are applying for. Most of the time you will be able to find enough information online. You should spend at least an hour or so reading about the company, understanding the products or services that they provide, and determining what direction the company is looking to take in the future. This should help you to sound much more educated during the meeting.

5. Follow Up After 

Interviewers are often busy people that are taking time out of their day to meet with you. Because of this, it would always be very polite to thank them afterwards. You should try to send an email to everyone you met with about 24 hours after the interview is over. You should also request that they reach out to you to discuss how the application process could be furthered.

In conclusion, getting ready for an interview is a very important part of the process. Before starting the process of applying for any job, you should consider using LiveCareer’sResume Builder andResume Review services to get a resume that will land you more interviews!  



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