7 Interview Mistakes that WILL Lose You the Job

You finally secured that coveted interview and the mass of butterflies in your stomach won’t let you forget it. Pre-interview jitters are normal and expected, but don’t let your anxiety make you forget basic rules of etiquette.

Avoid these interview faux pas if you want to get past the hot seat into your new office. 

1. “Umm, I’m not sure why

I put that on my resume

 is definitely not the right answer. Be able to respond to questions about your resume and your work experience. Practice articulating why you want the job and why you’re the best candidate for it. Role-play in front of a mirror or with a friend. Being prepared will pay off…maybe even in the form of your next paycheck.

2. Showing up late

because you were waiting in line at Starbucks is a sure-fire way to get dismissed as a potential hire. Showing up late—or even too early—can automatically ruin any chance of getting off on the right foot. Show up ten minutes before the scheduled time—no earlier, no later.

3. Badmouthing your ex-boss

 when asked why you left your past position is TMI! Interviews are not therapy sessions, so sit up straight in your chair and keep the topic strictly professional. Skip the gritty details, and keep your personal opinions to yourself because they will more than likely backfire.

4. Answering your cell phone mid-interview

 shows a lack of respect. Before you walk into the office, make sure to turn off your phone, spit out your gum, and throw on a smile. Nothing can shatter your chance for a job like an unexpected phone interruption, gum smacking, or perception of a disgruntled attitude.

5. Flip-flops with a suit don’t cancel each other out

to equal an appropriate interview outfit. Your appearance plays a major role in the direction of your interview.Dress standardsvary across all industries and organizations, but the common rule of thumb is to dress to impress.

6. Bringing up money. 

Although it may seem like the elephant in the room, never be the first to mention money. When it comes to salary, timing is everything and if the timing is off, it can ruin your chances of ever finding out what the number was going to be. Be strategic and wait until the hiring manager opens the gate for this topic first.
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