Would You Lie For The Company?

During a professional interview, you will encounter a slew of behavioral questions that are meant to reveal your personality. You might be asked, “Would you lie for the company” Initially, this might feel like a trick. Are you supposed to be so loyal that you would mislead others for the sake of the enterprise No, that is not the case. The hiring manager is trying to gauge your honesty and integrity. The interviewer really wants to know if you are dependable in your truth telling. Don’t feel the need to dance around this question. As with any interview question, be confident and succinct in your response.

Points to Emphasize

The hiring manager wants to know about what makes you tick and how you will handle any future situations. Show your commitment to upstanding business practices.

  • Focus on your personal integrity.
  • Emphasize your willingness to do business in a legal fashion.

    • Be positive in your response.
    • Answer the question confidently.

    Keeping a secret can be a desirable quality in some positions, but breaking the law never is. If you encounter this question, treat it as an opportunity to showcase your truthfulness and other good character traits.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Some companies rely on employees keeping certain information undisclosed during product development. For instance, information about new technologies is not released to the public until the product is nearly ready for distribution.

  • Avoid giving a direct no or yes, especially if the industry does rely on legal secrecy.

  • If pressed, avoid compromising your personal integrity.

  • Do not let the question make you visibly uncomfortable.

  • Do not agree to outright lying for the company.

    Do not be combative in your answer. The interviewer is not implying that you need be willing to lie for the position. Instead, he or she simply wants to know if you would choose to be dishonest on the job.

    Sample Answer

    Here are examples of good answers to, “Would you lie for the company”

    I do not lie to advance personal or business goals. There is always an honorable way to succeed and I will always work towards genuinely earned success.

    As long as I am in accordance with company and legal guidelines, I would do what is best for the company and try to effectively resolve any issues that may arise.

    Remember, this interview is also a chance for you to learn more about the company. Don’t let yourself get involved with dishonest enterprises that might be sued or ruin your career. Answer honestly and keep your integrity intact.

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