Would Someone In This Field Need To Relocate To Advance His/Her Career?

When an interviewee asks you if they would need to relocate to advance their career, they are trying to get a feel for the potential that this company has. The way you answer this question will tell them some of the company’s values and the likelihood of reaching their own personal career goals. You want to give them the best, most accurate answer that you can. This will help them and it will also help you. It helps them because it gives them a good idea whether or not this company will be a long-term fit. It helps you because you want to find someone who will be a long-term fit for the company. That means that you want to give the best answer you can. You can do that by emphasizing certain points and avoiding certain mistakes.

Points to Emphasize

Try to highlight these aspects of the company.

· Talk about the potential of career advancement.

· Discuss the need or lack thereof of relocation.

· Try to emphasize how the company treats their employees. For example, if relocation is necessary, does the company help relocate you

· Also, explain how the company feels about promoting from within.

You want to give an answer that will make your company appealing to the candidate, but you also want to make sure to give an honest answer.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Make sure to circumvent these pitfalls when you answer this question.

· Try not to alienate the candidate with your answer, yet be honest.

· Be careful that you do not bad mouth the company.

· Do not give a vague answer. This may come across as being evasive.

· Avoid answering a certain way just because you think it is what they would want to hear. Maybe this candidate wants to relocate.

In order to get the best employee, you have to give the best answer that you can.

Sample Answer

Here is what a great answer to this question might look like:

The company values its employees. This means that if there is an opportunity to promote from within, we will strive to do that. Sometimes that means that relocation is necessary, however, that is not always the case. There are plenty of advancement opportunities here. Especially for a hardworking, quick thinking, punctual employee. The company makes a point to help further employee’s careers, so sometimes upper management will suggest a move if it’s best in that situation. Of course, just because it’s suggested doesn’t mean it has to happen.

Try to give a detailed answer that won’t alienate anyone. Showcase the company’s positive values in order to intrigue candidates.

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