The Things I Dislike The Most About My Current Career Are: _____________________. Will I Encounter Any Of Those Same Challenges In Your Career?

When a candidate or a prospective searcher asks about things they dislike, sometimes it can throw you for a loop. Most of the time, this is a reasonable question, though. After all, if one is making a big life change, it’s reasonable to want to be sure it will be a positive one, one that gives them more opportunity for the things they like. Keeping that in mind is a great way to help yourself direct your questions so that the listener gets the most relevant advice possible.

Points to Emphasize

As you put your answer together, keep these ideas in mind.

  • If your answer is yes, make sure you discuss how much or how often the candidate might encounter these challenges.

  • If the answer is no, remember to think about the diversity of positions in your field so that you qualify the “no” with any relevant exceptions.

  • It can be really helpful to point out any procedures or processes that exist to support employees with these same challenges.

  • Keep your answer neutral-to-positive, even if the challenges described are being characterized in a less than ideal way.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Keep these points in mind to avoid any interview faux pas.

  • Don’t evaluate the challenges presented, just address them in a realistic way.

  • Avoid expressions of personal frustration or negative evaluations of the task in your own field, too. This helps you control the tone of the interview after this question.

  • Leave out personal anecdotes and experience, and focus instead on more general, day to day expectations in the field.

  • Never forget to add context by explaining how things work and how they’re different, even in cases where there are strong similarities.

Sample Answer

Here is one way through the question that hit’s the most major concerns a listener will have.

This career does have a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy, because it is an area where there’s a lot of government oversight. That has made us better at helping people through it, though, and electronic report submission helps a lot, too. I understand your frustration, because oversight does take time away from direct productivity, and that’s why we have a department that handles compliance. It lets us streamline and minimize what our other employees have to deal with, so that way the challenges impact daily business as little as possible.

As long as you’re clear about the state of affairs in your field, the answer will be useful, so focus on that.

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