Why Should I Hire You

Many interview questions are very intimidating. Some may even be asking something that is not clear at first. The question, “Why should I hire you is actually one of the more straightforward questions, but it is still intimidating and giving the right answer is important.

Your answer should focus on yourself. The interviewer is essentially asking you to sell yourself. What will you bring to the table if you are hired? This is actually an excellent opportunity. Very few typical interview questions provide a chance to simply tell them why you are the best candidate. Do not miss this opportunity.

Points to Emphasize

Paint yourself in the best light possible. These tips should help you make the most of this question.

  • Be distinctive. Presenting yourself in a unique way may be the most important aspect of your answer. Many interviewers will choose a candidate that has less experience if they will provide a unique advantage.

  • You can show off a little. This is a great time to be bold. It communicates confidence about your qualifications and that you would be a great fit for the position.

  • Be personal. A story or example of your abilities would be effective as an answer.

  • Highlight your previous success. Hiring a new employee is an investment. You want them to think it will pay for itself.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Even though this is a great opportunity to talk yourself up, there are still many ways you could give the wrong impression. Be sure to stay clear of these common mistakes.

  • Do not just list the items on your resume. The interviewer has likely already read it.

  • Avoid exaggeration. No matter how subtle you think you are being, there is a good chance the interviewer will see through it. Stick to the facts how they really happened.

  • Never rush. Not providing a thoughtful answer makes it sound like you made something up or do not know why you should be hired.

  • Do not brag. You are putting your best foot forward, so you can show off, but there is a limit. It is never good to sound prideful in your answer.

    Sample Answer

    Your answer should reflect your personal experiences and be unique to you. The following is a generic example of what a strong answer might look like.

    In my last position, I was working with a veteran of the industry directly. I gained very unique insight into what the most effective methods are. I am confident that I would be able to bring something completely unique to this position.

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