Why Do You Want To Work At Our Company?

When your interviewer inquires about your desire to work for their organization, you should be prepared to give a solid answer. While the question may seem obvious, the manager is trying to glean important information from your response. The employer is actually seeking to find out how much research you have put into their company, and if you really know what the job entails. They may be curious about your ability to research before taking action. Giving an answer that illustrates your efforts before the interview will show that you respect the organization and that you have done your homework.

Points to Emphasize

To answer this question in a way that will give the hiring manager confidence, prepare ahead of time by visiting the company website or other resources that will give you a comprehensive picture of the establishment’s identity.

  • Look for something unique about the organization that you approve of, and explain how you appreciate working in an environment with this characteristic or value.

  • Talk about how your skills and experience fit in with the company’s role in the community and how you can contribute to their vision of success.

  • Take some time to find out if the business has a mission statement. Read it, ponder it, and apply it to yourself. Tell the interviewer about ways that you will help to support this philosophy.

  • Focus on the positive aspects of the organization and things that you are sincerely enthusiastic about.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your answer can have a big impact on your chances of getting hired, so take the time to prepare for success by avoiding these blunders:

  • While you should be enthusiastic about the company’s good points, don’t be too over-the-top about stating how wonderful the organization is. This may come across as phony. Pick the things you sincerely appreciate about the business, and talk about them in a calm manner.

  • Never say things like, “Because I need to make money to pay the bills”. This comes across as rude and sarcastic, even if it is the truth. Furthermore, employers are looking for people that want to work for them for reasons other than making a regular income.

  • Never go into the interview knowing nothing about the company. You want to come across as a professional who has conducted research about the position.

Sample Answer

An impressive response will be similar to the following:

I took a look at the company’s mission statement and I feel that my values and skills align with the organization’s long-term goals.

Be prepared to go into more detail about your answer to show that you are qualified for the position.

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