Why Do You Want This Job?

On the surface, this question seems to focus on your interests and reasons for pursuing the position. But dig a little deeper and you’ll realize this is only partially true. The employer is also looking at the other side of the equation: whether you’ll be a good fit for the position. In asking you this question, the hiring manager is looking to see if you are truly enthusiastic about the job, but also evaluating your qualifications and whether it seems like you would do well in the position.

Points to Emphasize

  • Specific details about the company and position are essential to answering this question well. What draws you to this company over its competitors What skillset do you bring to the table and why is it a good match for the job

  • Make sure that the things you like about the job are indeed, things actually provided by the employer. Otherwise, you’ll look like you have no clue.

  • It can also be helpful to focus on the things about the new job that weren’t offered in your previous job (though remember, to avoid disparaging your old job).

  • As always, organize your thoughts before speaking to ensure a more clear and powerful response.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Don’t say negative things about your previous position as a way of convincing the employer that you want this job.

  • Avoid coming to the interview unprepared. Do research beforehand so you can offer specific examples of why the company is a good fit.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of giving vague and clichéd answers. Specific is always better.

  • This is not a good time to be shy. Confidently but humbly mention a few past accomplishments and explain to the interviewer how you would benefit the company.

    This question is a great chance for you to both show off your qualifications and convince the employer you’re passionate about the new opportunity.

    Sample Answer

    XYZ job appeals to me because it has a close-knit team-focused work environment and significant opportunities for mentorship. At my job at ABC Company, I was the manager in charge of a team of five to ten employees at any given time. Working with a small team gave me the opportunity to mentor my supervisees and also give and receive feedback on a routine basis. As I seek more advanced opportunities, I’m looking for the collaborative spirit that really helps an organization thrive and I have found that XYZ Company offers great opportunities in this regard.

    This question is critical to securing the job, but fortunately, you can anticipate this question and do the research and preparation necessary to ace the interview.

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