Why Do Customers Choose This Company?

When a potential employer asks you a question, you can be sure they’re looking for something deeper than your surface level answer. This question is no different. If a hiring manager poses this question to you, what they really want to know is whether or not you understand the company and what it is they do. They know you’ve applied to dozens of other jobs but demonstrating that you’re prepared and understand their goals shows you’re serious.

Points to Emphasize

When explaining why customers choose this specific company, be sure to be as pointed and specific as possible when referencing certain aspects of their business.

  • Explain perks or benefits to their company that separate them from other brands within the same industry.

  • Discuss the history or foundation of the business and how it puts forth the type of values and beliefs that make it easy for customers to want to trust them.

  • Explain why you choose their company. If you do not trust their company, how are you supposed to explain why others should trust them

  • Use real-life statistics on what sets them apart.

    Most importantly, explain everything in a manner demonstrating that you know what it is their company does, and why people need them.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    It is extremely important to know exactly what you’re talking about when answering this question. While knowledge is imperative, it’s nothing that some pre-interview research can’t cover.

  • Be careful not to be too general. Deploy specific facts and relevant information.

  • Refrain from saying cliché phrases like “You guys are the best in the business” or “you treat your customers with respect” without backing it up using real-life examples and statistics.

  • Don’t say, “I don’t know” under any circumstances.

  • Don’t list off facts or statistics without explaining how they draw in customers to their company.

    Be confident and well informed with your answer. The hiring manager knows the company better than you do, so don’t make things up.

    Sample Answer

    A wonderful answer explaining why customers choose this company would sound something like this:

    Customers have been choosing [Brand] Auto Parts because of their knowledgeable staff that’s been providing 98% customer satisfaction since 1996. The 10-year warranty program you provide separates you from other auto parts providers by taking the pressure out of shopping for you car. A lot of people don’t know where to start with vehicles and you guys are always one of the first to help.

    This question will gauge your preparation for the interview as well as your interpretation of the company’s core values and goals. Do some research and be specific.

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