Why Did You Chose This Career?

Especially for entry-level positions, hiring managers may pose the question, “Why did you chose this career” The interviewer simply wants to know if you put thought into applying to work with the company. For instance, was this done on a whim or did you seek out the position The way you reply to this question tells the interviewer how dedicated you are to sticking with the enterprise after receiving the job offer. It can also tell the hiring manager if you would accept the job offer at all. Employers want employees they can invest in and the purpose of the question is to see if you are likely to be a good investment.

Points to Emphasize

Before you step into the interview room, do some basic research on the position and its expectations. This will better prepare you for this question.

  • Highlight the positive influences that lead you to apply for the job.

  • Focus on your relevant skills and character traits.

  • Emphasize your interest in both stability and growth.

  • Stress your interest in the field or industry as a whole.

    Be completely positive in your response. Even if a negative experience led to this job, either paint it in a encouraging light or avoid the negativity entirely. Applying to the position should come across as a constructive decision.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It might be true that you want a certain job so you can pay off your school loans more quickly. However, this isn’t something you should mention in the interview.

  • Do not focus solely on monetary compensation.

  • Do not appear nervous or unknowledgeable.

  • Do not present the position as a back up option.

  • Do not forget to take into account the industry you are in.

    Tell the hiring manager about where you see yourself in the industry after 5 years or talk about how you think it is a noble profession.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good answer to the question, “Why did you choose this career”

    An early mentor of mine was in this field and she pointed me towards my college major and helped me find internships. As I started to get more experience through those programs, I realized my creative problem solving skills coupled with my time management abilities were best suited towards this fulfilling career path.

    Remember, you want to sell yourself and hiring managers will appreciate if you put thought into your decision to apply. This indicates that you are genuinely interested in the position as well as career advancement opportunities.

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