Who Else Do You Know Who Is Doing Similar Kinds Of Work Or Uses Similar Skills?

Just as an employer wants to know that they are making a good investment in an employee, a potential employee seeks assurance that they will be rewarded in some manner for their work investment. This is especially true for those seeking career advancement. Therefore, questions such as, “Who else do you know who is doing similar kinds of work or uses similar skills” can be expected.

When interviewees ask such questions, they are not looking for specifics on individuals who do similar jobs. They are really asking how employees in the position have fared with your company in the past. This can serve as a strong determining factor for the interviewee, so it is imperative that you provide the best possible answer.

Points to Emphasize
How you answer this question can establish if the interviewee views the job as a quality opportunity or not. To ensure the former, there are a few points that you should emphasize.

· Talk about an employee who currently or previously held the position in question.

· Mention the key skills that the individual utilized.

· Highlight any achievements or acknowledgements that the individual received.

· Discuss how your company culture provides a successful platform for various types of workers.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
Along with mentioning certain things, you will want to avoid the following mistakes.

· Do not avoid the question by stating that you cannot give out individual’s information.

· Stay away from mentioning employees who did not last in the position.

· Do not just give a list of employees that have held the position or similar positions.

· Even if you did not have the best relationship, do not bad talk any employees.

Remember, you want to paint the company in the best possible light by sticking to and answering the question clearly and truthfully, offering details where possible.

Sample Answer

A proper answer to questions about employees who have utilized the same skills or fulfilled the same position might sound like this:

One of our employees was recently promoted from the customer service manager position. She utilized her strong people skills and problem solving abilities, as well as customer service and management training that we provided, to efficiently lead our customer service team to constantly exceed company goals. She was acknowledged as “Employee of the Month” several times while holding the position. She is not excelling as a regional manager.

Your goal should be to show interviewees how such a position can benefit them and allow them to utilize their skills.

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