Which Professional Journals And Publications Should I Be Reading To Learn About This Career?

You want to attract employees who are serious about contributing to and advancing the goals of your company. As such, you want to focus on career-minded individuals. To attract such applicants, it is important that you present the company in a manner that shows it as a growing and advancing company.

When interviewees ask questions like, “Which professional journals and publications should I be reading to learn about this career” they are really looking to gauge how up-to-date and industry focused the company is. They may also use this question to determine if the company’s trajectory fits with their mindset and desired work environment. Considering this, it is important to provide a proper answer.

Points to Emphasize
There are a few points that you will want to emphasize with your answer.

· Name two or three strong publications that the interviewee should read.

· Explain why the publications you mentioned are quality reads and what the applicant can gain from them.

· Create a correlation between the journal contents and the position.

· If your company distributes any materials, highlight them by explaining their importance and benefits.

In order to properly answer this question, you must first educate yourself on useful publications.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
A poorly crafted answer to this question could cause the interviewee to question the job opportunity. To avoid such an instance, stay away from these mistakes and pitfalls.

· Do not just offer a list of journals and publications.

· Do not make up any publications or name any that are not specifically related to the job or career field.

· Avoid just naming resources without providing support.

· Do not focus on discouraging the applicant from reading certain journals or publications.

It is important that you find a balance between too little and too much information, and that you also keep your answer on a positive note.

Sample Answer

A proper answer to the question might sound like this:

XYZ Journal and ABC Management Weekly are great publications to read for those in the management field. They provide tips on effective management, as well as updates on new and emerging practices and policies. You can also consider other resources that detail up-to-date information of best management practices and strategies that are working for thriving businesses.

Make sure that your answer is well supported and intelligible. This will not only help to inform the applicant, but will also help to leave them with a good impression of the company.

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