Which Professional Organizations Associated With This Career Should I Join?

There are a number of benefits to having professional affiliations. They give individuals a certain amount of clout and often set them apart from other individuals. Some employers may prefer specific organizations over others, which is an important fact to know.

So when interviewees ask questions like, “Which professional organizations associated with this career should I join” they are asking what organizations the company looks for possible candidates to be a part of. There is also the underlying question of what type of employee is the company looking for. You want to make sure that you address all aspects of the question with your answer.

Points to Emphasize
To properly answer this question, there are a few things that you should do and points you should emphasize.

· If there are one or two organizations that you would suggest, mention them.

· Describe the characteristics of the organizations that make them desirable.

· Make a connection between the organizations and the position being applied for.

· If you know of any stories where affiliations with any of the mentioned organizations assisted employees with advancement, briefly mention them.

Keep your answer clear and concise, while providing applicable details.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
Here are a few mistakes and pitfalls that you will want to avoid.

· Do not make up any associations or name any unrelated organizations.

· Do not let your perception of the applicant keep you from sharing any organizations.

· Stay away from mentioning any associations that could be seen as religiously, racially, sexually or otherwise exclusive.

· Avoid rattling off a long list of possible organizations an applicant could consider.

The best way to avoid answering this question poorly, it is best to be honest, non-bias and knowledgeable.

Sample Answer

In answering questions about possible professional organizations to join, your answer could be similar to this:

ABC Business Association, XYZ Association of Business Management, and JKL Management Professionals are all reputable professional business organizations that I would suggest. They are all well-known and respected for the quality of information and services that they offer. We have had several associates in the position you are applying for attend various seminars that the organizations put on periodically, and they rave about the applicable knowledge that they gain each time.

Make sure that you draw a clear relationship between the job that the interviewee is applying for and the organizations, along with how they could benefit from association with them.

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