What’s The Dress Code Here? Is It Conservative Or Casual? Does The Company Have Dress-Down Or Casual Days?

An informational interview is a time for a prospective employee to see if this type of work is suitable for them. Certain questions will be in regards to the company culture like: “What’s the dress code here Is it conservative or casual Does the company have dress-down or casual days”

This is a fairly straightforward question, and an interviewer could probably gather all the information needed by taking a look around at the current employees. Some people prefer to be a bit more casual in the workplace while others will prefer a more uniformed look. There is no right or wrong answer, just be upfront about how your company operates.

Points to Emphasize

Regardless of how the dress code question is phrased, it is important to keep these topics in mind.

  • Make sure to answer all aspects of the question
  • Be truthful about the dress code policy
  • Mention if your dress code is typical for this line of work

    • Talk about any specific policies you have

    Hopefully, before going into this conversation, the interviewer did research beforehand and has a general sense of what is to be expected.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There is no real way to answer this question incorrectly, but just make sure to avoid these common errors.

    • Don’t lie
  • Don’t criticize the interviewer for preferring a certain type of dress code

    • Don’t leave out any aspect of the question
    • Avoid getting sidetracked with tangents

    This is one of the easier questions to address during an informational interview, so do not worry. You should be able to answer it adequately.

    Sample Answer

    Your response to this question should go something like this:

    We tend to keep things fairly conservative around here. Button-up shirts with slacks is typical for the men while women can wear length-appropriate skirts or dresses. That’s pretty typical for this line of work. However, we do like to have some fun every now and again where we’re a little looser with the dress code. We have casual Fridays where you can wear something a little more casual like jeans. On Halloween, you can even come dressed to the office in your costume, which is always a lot of fun!

    Dress codes are typically not a make-or-break situation when it comes to someone deciding whether or not to enter a certain career field. Most people are willing to adapt to whatever dress code is enforced. The most important thing is to be upfront with the interviewer so that he or she knows everything that will be expected if this career path is pursued.

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