What’S The Best Movie You’Ve Seen In The Last Year? (1)

Hiring managers are in the interview room because they want to understand who you are as a person. Sometimes, this requires them to ask unconventional questions that are not strictly work related. You might be asked, “What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year” This is not a difficult question, but how you express yourself will tell the interviewer a lot about you. You don’t necessarily need to choose an Academy Award nominated film. The hiring manager is just giving you a chance to showcase a deeper level of your personality, so he or she can judge whether you would fit into the company’s work environment.

Points to Emphasize

A t this point in the conversation, do not be afraid to engage your potential employer and develop a rapport. Allow the small talk to flow naturally and follow the interviewer’s lead.

  • Focus on why you chose to see that particular film.

    • Emphasize what you enjoyed about the movie.
  • Highlight why you enjoy that genre or why you prefer another.

    • Showcase the interesting aspects of your choice.

    Relax and answer the question confidently. The inquiry is intentionally broad, so use it as an opportunity for the hiring manager to get to know you a bit better.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    You don’t want to choose a film that is excessively controversial or not respected. Keep in mind the type of industry you are a part of as your form a response.

  • Avoid negative comparisons and keep you answer positive.

  • Do not choose a movie simply because it has won many prestigious awards.

  • Do not talk about a film that you haven’t actually seen or finished.

  • Do not pick a movie that you haven’t seen recently.

    Stay away from responses that might reflect negatively on you. You want to leave the impression that you are a professional and good candidate for the position.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good answer to this question:

    I watched an independent English film called Driving Lessons. It was a coming of age story about a boy who gains his independence after working for an elderly actress. They have a hilarious and unconventional relationship that is at once endearing and chaotic. It was one of the most well written scripts I encountered last year.

    Remember, you can answer this question in a slightly personal way. After all, it is a matter of opinion. Just be sure to remain cognizant of the professional environment and how your response presents your intelligence and communication skills.

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