What Will You Miss About Your Last Job?

This question is all about checking your attitude, to see whether you are leaving your last job for opportunity or because it was a bad fit. It can also let a hiring manager see whether you hold a grudge and how well you balance your evaluations between positive and negative. The answer can also hint at what you pay attention to most, whether it’s the actual process of working with data and machines or relating to people and helping them get what they need.

Points to Emphasize

What you remember says a lot about who you are and what you prioritize, so make sure to keep these ideas in mind if you want your response to communicate clearly and accurately.

  • Make sure that what you miss is actually something you are good at or enjoy, so the interviewer sees both your investment and your orientation to the work.

  • Remember to highlight a person or two, even if that isn’t your main focus. It keeps the hiring manager aware of the human connections you make.

  • Pay attention to the amount of positive attention you give the answer, because you don’t want to sound reluctant to leave.

  • If possible, make the response unique in a way that shows how you look for opportunity in every situation.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don’t get bogged down in these missteps, or you could sidetrack the interview.

  • Avoid telling drawn-out stories. Instead, focus on something that can be stated simply, and let them ask follow-ups if they want more information.

  • Keep it positive. If you’re discussing a rivalry or some other competitive aspect of the job, highlight the camaraderie created over the triumphs you personally gained.

  • Remember that some of the best aspects of a job might not be suitable outside of the circle of co-workers who were there, and leave those memories where they belong.

  • Don’t forget that the answer needs to tie into your fitness for the current job, because it’s easy to miss that with this question.

Sample Answer

When navigating this particular question, the best approach is to view less as more.

What am I going to miss I know it sounds funny, but I’m actually going to miss working with the students who need extra help the most. The ones who have the gumption to call you at home and ask how to do something. Watching skills take root is something you can’t duplicate. It’s also something that takes too much energy to do forever.

Giving your answer closure ensures that the hiring manager sees that you are ready to move on in a positive way.

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