In What Way Did This Type Of Work Interest You And How Did You Get Started?

When a hiring manager asks this question during your interview for employment, he wants to understand better whether or not you have a passion for the work to be done. Curiosity that leads to deep learning and lifelong commitment translates to incredible abilities and the propensity for highest-quality work.

Your interviewers hopes to discover that you are the sort of employee who takes his work very seriously, performs it very well, and continuously seeks better methods for accomplishing it. Your honest answer regarding work you love will help to prove that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Points to Emphasize

Your careful response to this question represents the opportunity to highlight specific skills and characteristics that make you indispensable to employers.

  • Share experiences that demonstrate a long term interest in the field.

  • Talk about skills you developed outside of your college experiences.

  • Discuss the positive influences your career has on your broader life.

  • Explain how your experiences and personal qualities make you the best candidate for the job.

Keeping your response positive will help your interviewer to see that you are committed to doing the best work possible.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Interview questions and their responses help hiring managers to discern a cohesive view of your value as an employee. To avoid pitfalls that may harm that perspective:

  • Do not give the impression that your only motivation to perform this sort of work is money.

  • Do not attempt to dupe the hiring manager by telling grandiose stories of how your interest developed.

  • Do not act as if there has never been a profound reason for your choosing this field.

  • Do not feel embarrassed to share the ways in which you feel compelled to participate in this career..

Hiring managers will be impressed by workers who exhibit concern the work they do. Demonstrating conscientious behavior will help the interviewer to imagine you as part of the team.

Sample Answer

The ideal answer to a question about how you came to be interested in this career may sound like this:

My first interests in this field were inspired by experiences I had in school. FInding my natural talents and realizing they could help me to be very good at something and make a profound impact on the industry helped me to know that this is what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life.

Many people shy away from answering a question like this honestly and enthusiastically. Your ability to speak forthrightly will help to give you an edge in the interview.

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