What Was Your Major In College?

When a hiring manager asks this question, he is far more than curious about the very basic notion of what your major was in college. With most of that information in front of him on the resumé, he is most interested in how you will describe that field of study to apply it to the position for which you are applying.

Your interviewer wants to know that you have a firm understanding of the nature of the work you will be doing and can imagine ways in which your education within your major may have provided you within a unique skill set. Describing the ways in which your major proves useful and versatile will help to demonstrate your value to a work team.

Points to Emphasize

Your careful response to this question represents the opportunity to highlight specific skills and characteristics that make you indispensable to employers.

  • Share experiences that required you to be adaptable and flexible.

  • Talk about skills that studies in your major helped you to develop.

  • Discuss the courses that proved to be most valuable.

  • Explain how your education and training makes you the ideal candidate for the job.

Focusing on the ways in which your major fits both your personal interests and career abilities proves that you are well-trained and imaginative.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Interview questions and their responses help hiring managers to discern a cohesive view of your value as an employee. To avoid pitfalls that may harm that perspective:

  • Do not act as if your major does not truly fit the career path you attempt.

  • Do not embellish your college course involvement.

  • Do not apologize for your field of study.

  • Do not present your choice of major as an afterthought.

Hiring managers will be impressed by candidates who demonstrate the ways in which their majors have affected their lives positively. Demonstrating a working knowledge of your educational field will help your interviewer to imagine you in the career field.

Sample Answer

The ideal answer to a question about what your major is may sound like this:

In my early college days, my interests were too diverse to pin down one major, but as I came to develop a passion for certain aspects of my studies, I realized that I had a calling of sorts. That major acts as perfect foundation for this job as it informs a wide variety of skills and imaginative applications of my knowledge.

Many people may be unsure that their major is particularly useful once they are ready to enter the workforce. The truest value of your education is the ability to adapt and well-honed critical thinking skills.

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