What Is A Typical Career Path In This Field Or Organization?

A career minded individual usually has a plan and is working towards it. That plan typically includes advancing beyond their current or entry position, which means they must be productive and efficient. In an endeavor to secure such individuals, hiring managers will ask career and industry focused questions.

When interviewers asks questions such as, “What is the highest-level job one can hold in this career” they are trying to test your knowledge of the hierarchy of your chosen career path and gauge your aspirations for advancement. It is important that you demonstrate a great understanding, as well as a desire to move beyond your current state.

Points to Emphasize
To help you answer this question correctly, there are a few points to emphasize.

· Name the highest level job that is attainable in your chosen career path.

· Detail the main duties of the position and any necessary skills, training or abilities needed to reach the position.

· Be sure to incorporate the current job that you are applying for within your answer.

· Show enthusiasm for working hard to advance within your career.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
There are a few mistakes that you will want to avoid when answering this question.

· Do not just make up an answer or provide a vague response that could be applied to any job.

· Do not allow your answer to make you sound unmotivated to achieve the highest position, even if that is not currently an aspiration you hold.

· Do not overshoot your answer.

· Stay away from showing a lack of confidence or drive by expressing how hard it will be to reach the highest position.

Avoid these pitfalls by doing your research and being completely knowledgeable of your industry, so that you can develop a clear, intelligible career path.

Sample Answer

In answering questions about the highest-level job attainable in your career field, a proper answer might sound like this:

The highest-level job that one can hold in my career is the CEO of a company. Obtaining this position requires a large amount of hard work and dedication, especially if one plans to attain such a position within an already established company. However, a position such as your regional manager position would help me to continue to advance towards my goal or operating a branch of a reputable and impactful company.

It is critical that you demonstrate understanding of the hierarchy, and find a way to share your personal advancement goals and show how the position is important in meeting those goals.

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