What Trends In The Field Would Be Most Likely To Affect Someone Just Entering This Career Now?

The interviewee may know what’s going on in the field as it relates to this potential position right now, but they are presuming that, as the hiring manager, you might be privy to a more expanded and knowledgeable viewpoint on where the field is headed. The applicant wants to know how the trends in the field might affect his or her job duties in the future, what they may need to learn as time goes on, and, of course, if the field is one with growth potential.

Points to Emphasize

You want to be positive about the future of the field in general and the career you are discussing in particular. Use real examples of trends and how they might affect the prospective employee. Break the prognosis down into a timeframe such as what is likely in the near future, in the next year, and later down the line.

  • Talk about growth trends in the industry.
  • Discuss what changes might be ahead for the individual position.

  • Relay how those changes would affect the person hired.

  • Indicate ways that the company would support employees in those relevant changes.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This is a good question and one which might not be on your mind at the time of the interview. If any question takes you by surprise, take a moment and consider it. It is okay not to have a glib response. Rather, show that you are giving it real thought.

  • Do not breeze through the answer as if it is unimportant, even if you are caught unprepared.

  • Although you want to be positive, be careful of downplaying any potential problems.

  • Do not focus only on trends that will not come to fruition for years.

  • Be realistic about how the individual person might be affected.

    Sample Answer

    A great answer should make the person feel comfortable in choosing to work with you, at least in terms of working at the company itself, while being realistic about the situation. For example:

    We do not expect any major shifts in the field in the near future. However, there are some new technologies that are being researched which may result in the need for some new skills to be developed. We are looking for the right candidate for this position that has the desire to learn and grow with us, and whom we can support in further training if necessary.

    The job candidate knows that you are not responsible for shifts in the field. What is most important is to convey the company’s support of its employees.

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