What Types Of Training Do Companies Offer Those Who Enter This Field?

When interviewers ask questions like, “What types of training do companies offer those who enter this field” they are using it to gauge how serious the applicant is about their career. If it is obvious that a candidate is not very knowledgeable about what training and skills are necessary for the position, then it can leave room for the interviewer to question if the candidate will take the job seriously.

Points to Emphasize
You want to stand out as a knowledgeable individual in your interview. Therefore, when answering this question there are a few points that you should emphasize.

  • Give a brief overview of the goal of the training, displaying your knowledge of necessities of the position.

    • List a few of the top trainings that you are aware of.
    • If you have had any training, mention it and its effectiveness.
    • Show a desire for training and advancing within the field.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    Along with emphasizing certain points, you also want to avoid others.

    • Do not make up any training types.
  • Do not suggest any trainings that you feel should be offered if they are not.

    • Do not talk about any lack of training you may feel you have.
  • Even if you had a bad experience, do not dwell on any failed or unproductive trainings you may have participated in.

    Make sure that your response shows a clear understanding and enthusiasm for learning and growing within the field.

    Sample Answer

    In answering a question about the training available in your field, a good answer might sound like this:

    For those entering the field of customer service there are a few different training options. A common type of training on successful customer service practices. I have participated in some and feel that it has helped me to develop strong skills and my on-hand experienced has allowed me to put them into practice. There are other common trainings for different niches within the field, such as phone etiquette for those in call centers, or product training for those who work in specialty stores.

    It is important to find a balance between sharing your knowledge and showing how you would be open to applying it in the position.

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