What Other Technologies Are Integral To The Company’s Operation?

When you’re interviewing an applicant for a job, he may ask a follow up question like, “What other technologies are integral to the company’s operation”

The applicant may ask this question after you have already discussed certain technologies, such as those related to internal and external communication. He may want more information related to other technologies that are used in the workplace; this will help him get an idea of whether or not he is already familiar with the technologies that are integral to the company.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you’ll want to be specific about the technologies and how they help the company operate.

  • List technologies that are integral to the workplace, and give a brief overview of what they do.

  • Let the applicant know if there is any on-the-job training or if he would need to be familiar with these technologies beforehand.

  • Give just as much as an overview as you feel as possible in order to make the applicant aware of their names and functions.

  • Tell the applicant of any technologies the company plans to introduce or discard of in the near future.

    Basically, your answer to this question should be informational and direct in order to give the applicant the most accurate picture.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are certain statements or types of answers that you’ll want to avoid when addressing this question. Below are general guidelines to follow during the interview:

  • Don’t list the names of technologies without saying what their functions are.

  • Avoid discussing technologies without mentioning how familiar the applicant should be with them before joining the team.

  • Don’t go into too much detail about the intricacies of the technologies, but rather save that for training.

  • Be sure not to be too vague in your answer, as the applicant wants specific information to help him make an informed decision.

    Your answer to this question should be accurate and to the point, so avoid going into too much depth or glossing over the importance of the technologies.

    Sample Answer

    A great answer to a question about important technologies in the workplace is as follows:

    We use certain technologies on a daily basis. Our company runs on Macs and each employee is given his own Mac in order to do his job. We hope that our new hires are somewhat familiar with Macs, and Apple products in general, but we do train employees as they come in. We also use certain software like Google docs, Oracle and Excel. A general working knowledge of computer technology is sufficient for entering this position.

    The applicant will ask questions that he feels are relevant to his interest in the job, and this question is just one that can help him get a feel for the workplace.

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