What Systems Are In Place To Enable Employees To Give Management Feedback And Suggestions?

When you’re interviewing someone for a job, you may get a question like, “What systems are in place to enable employees to give management feedback and suggestions”

This question could signal that the applicant would be outspoken and somewhat aggressive. He may feel the need to “correct” those in positions of authority. Conversely, the applicant could be asking this question out of genuine curiosity and a desire to share real concern or suggestions for improvement. No matter the reasoning behind the question, the applicant wants assurance that his voice would be heard.

Points to Emphasize

To answer this question to the best of your ability, you’ll want to be specific and honest in your response.

  • Discuss any systems that are already in place for employees to offer suggestions and give feedback.

  • Let the applicant know if the company has an open door policy regarding employees coming to superiors with concerns.

  • Stress the value the company places on communication between employees and supervisors regardless of rank.

  • If the company prefers not to receive feedback or suggestions, state this in a way that still makes the applicant feel that he would be valued on the job.

    Your answer to this question should always be positive no matter what the specifics of the answer entail.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This can be a tricky question to answer if you’re not prepared ahead of time. Follow these general guidelines in order to avoid potential mistakes:

  • Don’t make the applicant feel that the company doesn’t value its employees.

  • Avoid assuming that the applicant would be demanding unless you get that sense from more than just the question.

  • Don’t overinflate the company’s tolerance of feedback and suggestions, as these are usually received under certain protocols.

  • Don’t say that no systems are in place, but rather go into more depth about how feedback and suggestions are usually received.

    When you answer this question, you’ll want to avoid being terse or uncooperative.

    Sample Answer

    Below is an example of an answer to a question about employees giving feedback and suggestions to management:

    Management is open to suggestions and feedback during our monthly meetings. During those sessions, we open up the floor to our employees, as we understand the importance of working together to create the most productive and harmonious workplace. If an employee would rather give suggestions and feedback privately, or if the conversation is of a more urgent nature, we invite the employee to schedule a meeting with management in order to share what is on his mind.

    Your answer to this question will help a potential employee knows how the company operates.

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