What Social Obligations Go Along With A Job In Your Occupation?

An interviewer might ask, “What social obligations go along with a job in your occupation” When asking this question, an interviewer is really trying to judge the interviewee’s knowledge of the industry. They are also gauging the applicant’s drive for career advancement. Being that these are two important components in applying for this position, you should make sure that you answer this question properly.

Points to Emphasize
It is important to give a clear, concise answer to this question. There are a few points to emphasize.

  • Share any social obligations that you are aware of that employees are expected to participate in.

  • Explain why employees are expected to participate in such activities and any benefits that come from participation.

  • Display enthusiasm about the activities that you are expected to participate in.

  • If you have previously or currently participate in any such activities, briefly share your experience.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    When answering this question there are a few mistakes that you want to be sure to avoid.

  • If there are not any social obligations that you are aware of, do not make any up.

  • Do not display any distaste for participating in social events outside of work.

  • Do not state any activities that could be racially, sexually, socially or otherwise exclusive.

    • Stay away from providing a vague list of possible activities.

    Sample Answer

    A possible answer to questions about social obligations of a position could sound like this:

    As an accountant there are accounting associations that strongly qualified accountants are expected to join. Such organizations do not only provide prestige, but also help to keep members sharp by holding seminars and conventions, as well as providing newsletters with new and emerging practices and opportunities. I have applied to the ABC Accounting Association and look forward to being accepted soon. In relation to this particular opportunity, I noticed that your company is a strong supporter of the Special Olympics. I would love to contribute to such efforts.

    Remember, your goal is to show that you are completely knowledgeable of your industry and are open to participating in various social obligations.

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