What Questions Haven’t I Asked You?

Sometimes interviewers will ask questions that are meant to catch you off guard to see how well you respond. One of these questions is: “What questions haven’t I asked you”

A hiring manager does not ask this question because he or she knows she has forgotten something but cannot remember what it is. Interviewers ask this to see what kind of response it will bring out of you. Not being able to answer it may show that you have not really been paying attention to the interview. However, having a creative response may show that you are capable of thinking outside the box and have something unique to contribute to the company.

Points to Emphasize

This question may not be asked for every single interview; however, if you are asked it, then there are some points to keep in mind.

  • Mention questions that are not typically asked during an interview

    • You only need to bring up a few questions
    • Prepare beforehand to answer this question
  • Mentions questions that relate to the overall tone of the interview

    If the interview has been pretty fun and relaxed, then feel free to bring up questions that are lighter in nature. If the interview has been all business, stick to questions that fit in with that tone.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Many job applicants make harmful mistakes when it comes to answering this question, so do not fall into the same traps.

    • Avoid saying that you cannot think of anything
  • Don’t mention questions that have already been asked

  • Avoid getting nervous or making it appear as if you are unprepared

  • Avoid mentioning questions where you cannot give a positive response

    Being able to answer this question efficiently will indicate that you have prepared for this interview beforehand, and you know what kinds of questions should be asked.

    Sample Answer

    The exact questions you should ask will depend on the nature of the interview. Some off-the-wall questions you should consider asking include:

    What was the last book you read

    If you won the lottery, would you continue working

    What was your favorite class in college/high school

    What is most important in your life

    What is something interesting about you that cannot be learned through your resume

    It would not make a lot of sense to ask questions that would portray yourself in a negative light, so this is your chance to bring up questions where your answer will make you stand out. Spend some time coming up with a few unique questions before the interview so that you will be ready if this question comes up.

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