What Questions Do You Have For Me?

Once the interview starts drawing to a close, you might think you are out of the clear. However, you should be ready to answer what is often the final question: “What questions do you have for me”

This question may not seem like that big of a deal at first, but it is integral to ask the right questions to show your true passion for getting the position. Saying that you do not have any questions is certain to make the hiring manager think that you are not really interested in the job. Asking the wrong questions can be even more disastrous. Plan ahead and ask questions that show you are genuinely interested in working with this company.

Points to Emphasize

Asking the right questions can be a great way to make a good final impression and make yourself stand apart from the other applicants.

  • Ask questions that show you are sincerely interested at working with this company

  • Ask questions that show you are interested in this line of work

  • Ask questions that show how you would approach your work if offered the position

  • Use this opportunity to learn more about the job that you would not have known otherwise

    Interviews should be a two-way street. It will mainly consist of the employer asking you questions, but you should feel free to ask questions of your own to learn if this job is really right for you.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Since this is the last question interviewees are often asked, it is important to answer it well, so you do not leave a bad lasting impression.

    • Avoid saying that you do not have any questions
    • Don’t ask questions about the salary or benefits
  • Don’t ask questions that could easily be answered by visiting the company’s website

    • Don’t ask about who is in charge

    Asking about vacation time and benefits is obviously important, but you should save those questions until you already have the job. Asking them during the interview could show that you want this job for the wrong reasons.

    Sample Answer

    Some questions that are good to ask at the end of the interview are:

    What is a typical week for someone with this job

    What skills are needed to perform this job successfully

    How do you measure “success”

    What do you enjoy most about working here

    How long have you been working here

    After asking these questions, you will have a better idea of the company culture, and you will feel a lot more confident about whether or not you want to work with this company.

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