What Qualities Do You Think Are Necessary To Make A Success Of This Job

Many interviewers try to uncover specific information with their questions that may not be clear at first. Understanding the hidden meaning behind these questions will allow you to focus your response and provide a stronger answer.

The question, “What qualities do you think are necessary to make a success of this job may sound like they are just asking you about your attributes. However, the specific wording of the question allows insight into what you prioritize, as well. You can explain what qualities you think are necessary, then comment on how you either exemplify these qualities or are striving toward them.

Points to Emphasize

This question is a great opportunity to sell you. Put your best foot forward while following these tips.

  • Think about the job you are applying for. Your answer should incorporate something from the job, such as customer service, management, public speaking, or business knowledge.

  • Follow up on your answer. Mention that you fit the description you provided or even give an example of your qualities.

  • Be honest. Do not just try to tell them what you think they want to hear. Show them that you are sincere and free-thinking.

  • It can be effective to add a personal touch. What qualities have allowed you to succeed in the past?

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This may be an excellent opportunity, but there are still many pitfalls you could fall in. Avoid these common mistakes.

  • Do not be vague. Something like hard work” or “motivation” is not specific enough to be good answers.

  • Avoid leading with a description of yourself. The question is about your opinion. Answer it first, and then shift into how it applies to you.

  • That being said, your answer should be brief. Do not wait too long to speak about how you meet your definition or your answer will not have enough time.

  • Do not brag. If you start to stray into sounding prideful, you will give a bad impression.

    Sample Answer

    Since this question is asking about the job you are applying for specifically, your answer should obviously incorporates elements from it. The following is a generic answer that is a strong response.

    I believe that a strong focus on really connecting with our customers is the key to success. At my previous job, once I started to prioritize that, I felt that I was able to increase my efficiency and profitability greatly, almost immediately. Dedication to doing the job correctly is important, but I believe that customer service is at the heart of the industry.

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