What Should I Do To Prepare Myself For Emerging Trends And Changes In This Field?

The reason this question “What should I do to prepare myself for emerging trends and changes in this field” is important is because it shows passion. People who stay up-to-date with their industry are more likely to be innovative and open to change. The person asking the question is probably interested in educational opportunities and professional development.

Points to Emphasize

Keeping up with technology and trends is vital to every industry. You want employees who are going to stay on top of the emerging software that increases productivity and efficiency. Answer their question while gathering information about their own methods of staying current.

  • Discuss where the field is going in general.
  • Talk how the company handles continuing education and training.

  • Ask what the applicant is doing to stay up-to-date. Anyone with passion will be able to give you concrete examples of their activities to keep active.

  • Continue to lead the interview and gather information about the applicant’s experience and expertise.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    As with any question that the applicant asks, it’s important to stay focused on the position and to maintain control of the interview.

    • Don’t give away company trade secrets.
  • Be careful that you don’t give the applicant false hope.

  • Don’t ask questions that might give the appearance of discrimination.

  • Don’t assume that this question means the person only wants to get more training to move on to another company. Make sure to ask what they intend to do with their education.

    Sample Answer

    Much of your answer will depend on the position and your company’s policies.

    “Our company offers to send you to one conference each year. We have certain expectations when you return from the conference like making a report on emerging trends and new products that may benefit your department. Tell me, how do you currently keep up with the industry”

    If your company doesn’t have a policy:

    “Currently, we don’t a policy concerning conferences or continuing education. However, if you have an idea for attending one, we would certainly be open to exploring this further should you come on board. What do you currently do to stay up-to-date with technology and trends in the industry”

    With so many avenues to stay up-to-date in any field, your applicant should name at least two methods of staying abreast. Reading blogs, attending conferences, and maintaining connections through an industry website are just a few ways that show their interest. Watch for cues that the applicant is just looking for training to develop their skills to move on to a bigger company.

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