What Are A Few Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You?

When a hiring manager asks you about your strengths they’re really asking if what you’re good at aligns with the needs of the company. When they ask you for the opinion of someone else it gets a little trickier. Your answer to this question shows how self-aware you are. This gives you an opportunity to brag a little, but you want to make sure to not brag too much. Be proud of what you’re good at, but also humble.

Points to Emphasize

This question may seem easy, but make sure to emphasize the right attributes.

  • Research the company and the position you’re applying for, so you can make sure to mention something that will fit with the qualifications for the job.

  • Try to think back to some positive things your boss said about you and pick the ones that line up with this job.

  • Use this time to let the interviewer know you have assets to be proud of.

  • Bring actual performance reviews or notes to use as visuals.

    Keeping your answer concise and honest will go a long way with the hiring manager.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Here are some traits that you want to avoid when you answer this type of question:

    • Don’t say something that your boss wouldn’t say.
  • Do not worry if you can’t think of specific things that your boss said. You can use traits even if your boss didn’t explicitly say it.

    • Beware of coming off as full of yourself.
  • Take care not to list off things that don’t pertain to the job you are applying for.

    Keep the answer positive and light.

    Sample Answer

    Here are two examples of a good answer to this probing question:

  • My boss would say that I am punctual, good at taking criticism and ambitious. I try not to be late because I don’t want to waste the valuable time of clients or coworkers. I know that I have areas to improve in, so I don’t take criticism personally and my boss really appreciated that. He also though that I was quite ambitious because I was always talking about what my goals were for that job and my future.

  • My boss always complemented my creativity because I was constantly coming up with new ways to serve the client. She trusted me to get my work done and help others get theirs done too because she thought I was honest. She also appreciated how hard working I was. Her complements really helped me grow as a confident employee.

    Try to keep your answers on track and not too long.

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