What Parts Of Your Job Do You Consider Most Important

It is common for interview questions not to be exactly as they appear. Often there is hidden meaning or the information the interviewer is pursuing is not obvious. You should try to recognize what is actually being asked to strengthen your answer.

If you are asked, “What parts of your job do you consider the most important they are likely trying to gain insight into your priorities and work ethic. There are many appropriate ways to answer this question, but your response should highlight a positive attribute about you, such as diligence, hard work, or successfulness.

Points to Emphasize

Because there are many ways to answer the question, the way you answer is especially important. These helpful tips should make it easier to provide an excellent response.

  • Tailor your answer to the job you are applying for. If it is customer service, talk about the interaction with customers. If it is an office job, mention performing well or getting work done.

  • Be positive. Have a good attitude and present yourself as optimistic about getting work done.

  • Be specific. Your answer should be an actual part of the job, rather than passion” or “motivation”.

  • Be honest. If your beliefs differ slightly from what is stated here, it is better to be completely honest instead of just giving a predetermined answer. Insincerity is very apparent.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    When answering this question, it is easy to make mistakes. Avoid some of the common pitfalls that others fall into.

  • Avoid talking about your own benefits. It does not look good if you are mostly interested in your paycheck, health benefits, or advancing your career.

  • Do not be vague. The interviewer should know exactly where your priorities are when you finish answering.

  • Avoid being negative. It is easy to make emphasizing the importance of something sound like managing it is a chore. You should be excited to help make the workplace you are joining better.

  • Do not be too definitive. They are asking your opinion, after all. You are sharing your personal priorities.

    Sample Answer

    You should be sure that your answer incorporates many specifics relating to the job you are applying for, but a generic strong answer would look similar to this:

    I believe the most important part of a job is everyone doing their own work. As long as each individual is able to accomplish their own goals, the whole will be made stronger. It is the foundation that allows teamwork and cooperation, which is also very important, to be developed and strengthened.

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