What Other Jobs Can You Get With The Same Background?

When you go into a professional interview, the hiring manager wants to know how committed you are to the position and the industry. This gives him or her a better idea of your professional goals and whether or not your career plan aligns with the company’s mission. For example, the hiring manager may ask you, “What other jobs can you get with the same background” This is a test of your knowledge of the industry, but its purpose is also to see if you are likely to accept a job offer. Employees will do better in the work place if they are enthusiastic about the position and its responsibilities.

Points to Emphasize

You want to appear well informed and answer honestly. Try to make a connection between what you could do in other industries and what you would do within the enterprise.

  • Highlight your knowledge of the industry.
  • Concentrate on what drew you to this position.
  • Mention relevant experiences that align with the company’s practices.

  • Focus on your abilities that qualify you for other positions and the company’s job.

    Be confident in your answer, and give the impression that you are excited for your position. Think about the real reasons you applied to the job and use them in your response.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are a multitude of positive and negative reasons as to why you chose to apply to this company. Regardless, focus on the good of the situation and keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid drawing attention to differences in salary or office location.

  • Do not appear disinterested in your prospective job.

  • Avoid negatively speaking about your career path or other positions.

  • No matter the reason, do not point towards an inability to get another position.

    Feel free to showcase your abilities and concentrate on getting the job. You do not need to linger for too long on this question.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good response to the question of what other types of jobs you qualify for:

    With my medical degree, I could get a job at a private office or in a hospital’s emergency room. However, I’ve spent many years at both types of jobs and I’m ready to move on. I think teaching the next generation what I’ve learned in the field would be fulfilling at this point in my career.

    Remember, you want to show enthusiasm for your new position, while acknowledging and answering the original question. Additionally, show how your qualifications apply to the your potential position as well as other industries.

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