What Other Kinds Of Organizations Hire People To Perform The Functions You Do Here?

When you go into a room for a professional interview, you as the hiring manager are expected to ask the interviewee a number of questions. However, traditionally the end of the interview is a space where the prospective employee can pose his or her own questions. For instance, he or she may ask you, “What other kinds of organizations hire people to perform the functions you do here” Your prospective employee uses this inquiry to gauge the company’s ability to foster professional growth. Networking and making contacts is important for most industries and the applicant wants to see if your company is well connected. At this point, you and the company are being interviewed, so take it as an opportunity to show off the enterprise a bit.

Points to Emphasize

Because you are the hiring manager, you want to make sure that you give job offers to those who would do great work for the company. As such, you need to sell the position.

  • Concentrate on how your business fosters professional growth.

  • Highlight your enterprises reach or niche in the market.

    • Mention other companies you often work with.
  • Focus on your overall market position and influence.

    Be positive and confident in your response. Prospective employees will be drawn to enthusiasm and honesty.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There is not a wrong answer to this question. However, there are certain topics and details to avoid in your response. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare your answer:

  • Avoid giving the impression that this is the only company with the position.

  • Do not make other enterprises sound more enticing than yours.

  • Avoid appearing like a run-of-the-mill or average business.

  • Do not fail to emphasize the best and most unique aspects of the company and position.

    You probably don’t want to hire individuals who are evasive or timid when answering your questions. As such, respond to the interviewee’s question with the same professional attitude.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good answer to the question regarding similar organizations:

    Yes, there are several tax firms in the area who also employee junior associates. The basic job requirements and expectations are much the same. However, what sets us apart is our uniquely encouraging work environment. We prefer to promote from within and look favorably upon those who are willing to help their coworkers.

    Remember, you chose to work at this company too, so you already know what attracts prospective employees. Just think over what drew you to the enterprise and use it in your response.

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