What Obstacles Do You See Getting In The Way Of The Company’s Profitability Or Growth?

Part of the interview process is you, the hiring manager, getting to know the candidates. However, the candidates also need to get to know the company. That’s why there’s a time for them to ask questions. When an interviewee asks you about obstacles in the way of the company’s profitability, they are trying to ascertain what might stop the company from growing. This will give them an idea of where the company is headed. Does it fit in with their career goals Chances are, if a candidate is asking this question, they want to know if this company will be a long-term fit for their career.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, there are certain facts that you want to make sure to highlight. You want to do this so that you can give the job-seekers the most realistic view of your company as possible.

  • Briefly talk about possible obstacles to company’s growth.

  • Discuss plans the company has in place to make it through those obstacles if applicable.

  • Otherwise, talk about ways the company is trying to plan.

    • Be realistic about your answers.

    Telling them the obstacles you see getting in the way of the company’s growth will give them an idea of how they can help the business succeed.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Just as there are certain facts to highlight, there are also certain pitfalls you want to keep away from.

    • Do not give a negative answer.
    • Try not to bad mouth any person or the company.
  • Be careful that you do not divulge any sensitive information. This person is not yet a member of your team.

  • Don’t give an answer that is too vague or that may seem evasive.

    Give the best answer that you can. Try and be positive and informative.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of what a great answer might look like:

    As the company continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to maintain an efficient and effective transportation regimen. I think that one of the obstacles we will face is with our logistics. Right now we do everything in house, but I think eventually we will have to find someone in the logistics industry to take over. The company has discussed doing this. Right now we’re still okay doing it in house, but soon we will have to seriously consider outsourcing that to make sure we are reliably getting our goods to the customers.

    Make sure to give them an answer that doesn’t make it seem like the company is doomed, but don’t pretend there are not obstacles.

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