What Magazines Do You Subscribe To?

Hiring managers will often ask probing questions about your personal likes and dislikes to get a feel for the real you. When a hiring manager asks the question “what do you like to do in your free time or “what magazines do you subscribe to” they are actually trying to understand your personality better.

Provide a response that showcases the fun side of you, while also relating to work. In an interview setting, it’s important to let the hiring manager know that you take your work seriously, perhaps even so far as subscribing to monthly magazines that relate to the job.

Points to Emphasize

When a hiring manager asks you a personal question that relates to time you are not at work, it’s a good idea to be brief and concise in your response. After all, the interview is about a working position, so you should try to keep the majority of the interview time about work. Loosen up and have a little fun with this response, as it allows you to show your creativity.

  • Mention a magazine that you like to read for work purposes.

  • After mentioning a work publication that you enjoy learning from, provide an example of a magazine you enjoy reading for fun.

  • Give the hiring manager some details on why you enjoy these publications.

  • Assure the hiring manager that you are learning necessary skills from both publications that help you in the workplace.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are several key mistakes that can be made with a personal question like this one. Be sure to remain professional in your response and remember the setting you are in.

  • Don’t list out a lot of different publications, one or two provide a perfect response for this question.

  • Keep the magazines you mention professional. This means no tabloid mentioning, or dirty magazine revelations.

  • Don’t fumble over your response. Speak clearly and accurately.

  • Don’t lie to the hiring manager. If you don’t subscribe to any magazines, say so, but then list one or two that you would be interested in receiving.

    Sample Answer

    An adequate response to an interview question about magazine subscriptions might look like this:

    I subscribe to several different monthly publications at my home, but I have two favorites that I read cover to cover every month. The first is a design magazine called Elle Décor that allows me to further stretch my design capabilities and stay on top of new trends and ideas. I read it every month for inspiration in my job.

    The other magazine I love to read is called Real Simple, and it provides lifestyle tips, recipes and interesting articles on real people. I read it on weekends as a special treat of

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