What Kind Of Training Program Does The Company Offer? Is It Highly Structured Or More Informal?

Many times when it comes to the part of the interview where the interviewee gets to ask questions, there aren’t a lot of questions asked. However, sometimes you will get someone who asks what training programs the company offers. When a candidate asks this question, they are trying to understand what the company values. They are also trying to ascertain if the company will help them grow. When someone asks these questions, as the hiring manager you should be eager to give them informative answers. These types of questions show that they are truly interested in working with your company, and they want to make sure it will be a good fit.

Points to Emphasize

Give an informative answer that highlights the company’s values and programs.

  • Talk about any training programs that are offered at the company.

    • Discuss the structure any training programs.
  • Talk about the availability of other workshops, lectures or training opportunities.

  • Make sure to emphasize how the company feels about these opportunities of growth.

    Even if the company doesn’t offer training programs, you should still give an answer that shows that the company values the growth of its employees. This will show the interviewees that the company wants them to get better because it will be better for them and for them company.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Try to avoid certain pitfalls when you answer this question.

  • Do not lie about the opportunities. Give an honest answer.

  • Try not to speak poorly about the company, management or anyone associated with the company.

  • Be careful not to give an answer that is too vague or evasive.

  • Avoid giving a negative answer, even if there are not many training opportunities in the company.

    Give an honest, positive, straightforward answer to give the candidate the best information possible.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a great yes and no answer for this question:

    Our company values learning. Because of this, we offer highly structured optional training programs every month. The only requirement is that you attend six lectures, workshops or other training every year. It can be through our company or outside.

    We do not offer training programs. We do encourage that employees attend workshops or conferences, but we do not host any ourselves. The company knows how important continuous training and learning is, so we offer incentives to those who go to workshops, conferences, lectures or other training programs.

    Let the candidates know where the company stands on continued learning. Be honest about the opportunities offered. Either way, make sure to give a positive answer.

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