What Kinds Of Decisions Do You Make

Questions are what drive interviews forward, but it can be easy to neglect the interviewee’s questions. If you only focus on your own questions, you are missing out on an opportunity to learn more about the candidate in ways that are simply impossible by just asking. What they ask will tell you about their priorities and how they will apply themselves to the position.

The question, “What kinds of decisions do you make can mean several different things. They may be inquiring about manager’s responsibilities, possibly because they want to become a manager or they want to work with managers better, or they may be wondering about the decisions they will be making.

Points to Emphasize

Your answer should be encouraging and helpful, but you can also get more specific about their interests. Use these tips to learn more about the candidate.

  • Answer the question generally. It might be smart to start by discussing the big decisions that are made as a company.

  • Follow up on the question. Learn more about what they are exactly trying to find out. You can then answer more specifically about managers, employees, or any other kind of decision.

  • You might even go one more step and ask about why they were interested. Are they looking to move into management eventually or just wanting to know how to do their entry-level job better?

  • Always be positive and encouraging. Highlight when the process works well and everything comes together.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    You should remember that your answer can negatively affect their enthusiasm for the position. Be sure to choose your words carefully and avoid these common mistakes.

  • It can be helpful to start in a general context, but they likely are interested in specifics. As you learn more about what they are really interested in, you should get more specific.

  • Do not exaggerate. It is important that they learn about the positive and the negative. Stretching the truth in any way is not beneficial.

  • That being said, you should not focus on the negative. You should be encouraging despite difficult aspects of the job, rather than ignoring the difficult parts.

  • Never rush. Your answer should communicate that you care about their concerns. Give them the proper attention.

    Sample Answer

    When answering this question, there will be certain aspects that are specific to your situation. The following is a generic sample answer.

    The most common major decision that must be made is the daily division of labor. Deciding where each employees is best suited is a big part of the job. Each employee has their own decision that must be made as well. Were you interested in these smaller decisions?

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