What Kind Of Work Environment Are You Most Comfortable?

“In what kind of work environment are you most comfortable” is a common interview question. Though it may be phrased in a manner that would indicate the company inquiring about your needs, the intent is still focused on them. Remember, this is an interview to see if you are a right fit for the company and its needs.

When interviewers ask that question they are actually trying to see if you can handle their work environment. Depending upon the type of company that you are applying to, not all workers may be able to flourish in the company, and it is the interviewers’ job to ensure that the best candidates, meaning those who can make a positive impact in the various positions, are selected.

Points to Emphasize

It is important that your answer be versatile. You should also do your research and be able to identify the company’s particular work style. Whatever their style may be, here are a few key points to emphasize.

  • Show that you can adapt to different situations and requirements.

  • Cater your answer to the company’s particular work environment.

  • Emphasize your ability and willingness to contribute to the work environment.

  • Give a clear, well-thought response.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    To make sure that you do not pigeon hole yourself and seem as if you might have trouble in certain work environments, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Do not focus on just one work environment, such as fast or slow paced.

  • Do not make it seem as if you expect the company to be perfect.

  • Stay away from listing traits that you are not completely sure the company posses.

  • Even if you have experienced terrible environments, avoid harping on negative experiences.

    Sample Answer

    Check out this sample of a good answer of the proper work environment:

    I am most comfortable in an adaptive work environment. Whether the projects are big or small, I thrive in situations where the main objective is identifiable and steps are put in place, or I am able to put steps in place, to accomplish the task effectively. I also enjoy a work environment that recognizes and appreciates the natural fast and slow paced shifts in business, and adjusts workloads accordingly to be most efficient.

    Make sure that your response shows flexibility in your work style and leaves no concerns for the interviewer to think you might not thrive with the company.

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